Miljøstyrelsen Welcome app

A new app from the Environmental Protection Agency acts as a mobile employee handbook and allows existing and new employees to familiarize themselves with the Environmental Protection Agency.   The app offers new and future employees welcome and presented to the mission, vision and history behind the Environmental Protection Agency. At the same time you can meet future colleagues, who talks about how the EPA is as a workplace. The app offers further in the short and general plans, so it is easy from day to navigate both the organization and in the physical locations. The app is developed and produced in cooperation with Sierslev and Napp® and works on both iPhone and Android phones. Behind this is a CMS that makes it easy for the Environmental Protection Agency's own staff to update the content in the app.   "Of course you can provide a staff handbook or send a sea of ​​papers with information to new employees. But the numbers and our experience tells us that it helps to greater readiness and efficiency from day one, when it's all done a little more alive. "Says Hiroshi Sierslev, the manufacturer behind. "A mobile app is a great tool, as it always is at your fingertips on the employee. Information can be distributed quickly and easily and is available whenever the employee; on the bus, in the queue or the couch "complements Niklas Laugesen, Managing Partner at Napp.   The app is available to the public, so everyone has the opportunity to see what it's like to work in the Environmental Protection Agency. The application is free and available in Apple's App Store and the Android Market.

A welcom app for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
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